The World​'s large​st​​ Hot Springs

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Relax your Body

The effects of the minerals in our water provide immediate benefits to our body. By increasing its temperature it helps us eliminate germs and viruses. This helps increase blood circulation while eliminating toxins through oxygenation.

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Fun and Pleasure

Fun, pleasure, relaxation, all in the same place, specially designed for lovers where excitement goes hand in hand with its pools, waterfalls and excellent service. At Roca Di Baldi Sports Bar you can enjoy your favorite games surrounded by cascades to lower stress while soaking in a soothing warm pool at just the right temperature to keep up their adrenaline.

25 Thermal Water Pools.

Amidst the tropical rainforest, these 25 thermal water pools are filled by crystalline waterfalls, for the use and enjoyment of al visitors.

The purity of the water will make you feel like you are floating in a oasis of healing, with birds singing all around and the sound of falling water that invites you to relax and recover your wellness and quality of life.


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A Colorful Game Park

While taking advantage of all the benefits of thermal waters, your children can have fun playing games and using the water slides inside the special kid’s pool. The pool area includes a beautiful and colorful game park, while adults can enjoy the adventure of whirling bowl slide right next to the kid’s area.

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Extreme Fun

Extreme adventure lovers seeking an adrenaline rush and extraordinary experiences have the perfect challenge of sliding and bumping through whirling and curved pipe water slides. These Xtreme slides are fun for the entire family as it is impossible not to laugh and share the excitement of people splashing out from the pipes.

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